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Anonymous: aaah I've been too shy to ask, but could you make a tutorial on how you color eyes? Like in your most recent pic!


aaa i’ll try my best to put something together but i’m generally pretty poor at explaining things so i’m not sure how much help it’d be (;ω;)
also i should let you know most of the time i just make things up as i go along, and my way of colouring is really based more on what i think looks nice rather than any kind of logic. so take this with a big grain of salt !!!

i think most of this is pretty self explanatory, though i keep the whites of the eye and the iris all on separate layers
also don’t make the whites of the eye literally white, not like #FFFFFF white. eyes are more like a slightly yellow white, plus highlights won’t stand out as much (really bright highlights are more of an aesthetic choice for me though)
i also did a little soft colouring around the eye itself too

the ring pupil with a lighter colour inside is something i picked up form yuugiou ( ̄ω ̄)
i can’t really tell you how i pick these colours other than that i make it up as i go along and lift colours form my already existing colour scheme
7 & 8 i made new layers set to overlay, and with the soft brush put in those colours at the side there. i guess i do this mostly so there’s lots of variety of colour in the eyes, since the iris was already a cool purple i wanted to have some warmer colours in there, also to make the bright orange pupil blend in more and be less jarring

for 9 i made a new layer set to multiply and drew in a shadow. in 10 i went back to the layer for skin and soft brushed in more colours like a slight red, and some of the purple from the iris for the appearance of make and a lil blush. and a bit of red in the fleshy eye bit in the corner that i have no idea what the name is
then i added some highlights using light blue, which is a colour i hadn’t used at all before so it serves to contrast against the rest of the colours in there. same colour used for the lower eyelashes.
after that i just did some little tweaks like lowering the opacity of the linear to 80%, and some pink at the top of the eye on a layer set to soft light (i guess you could say it’s bouncing light but mostly it’s just because i like the look of it orz)

pleaasssee don’t take this as like the end-all-be-all way of drawing eyes since it’s really heavily stylised and mostly based on my my aesthetic preferences, make sure you do studies of actual eyes too and experiment to find your own preferences and stylistic choices too !!! but i also understand practicing other people’s styles can be helpful too so hopefully this was at least a little helpful

(๑ ऀืົཽ₍₍ළ₎₎ ऀืົཽ)✧



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"Let me go!"

"You’re a bad bad boy, so you’re going to stay here for a while and learn your lesson~ Or you want me to come here and teach you how to behave properly by myself?"


————————————————-I miss doing those even if they take lots of time and photo manipulation abilities and stuff

But i’m happy with the result~ <3


swiinub said: I think the darks would have a much more morbid sense of humor than them (;゜Д゜)


i’m sure netto and enzan would be pretty shocked when hearing some of their jokes omg 

but no matter how morbid, they still would have some pretty lame jokes in stock i’m sure. like, okay i just thought of this and it’s rly stupid, but imagine dark rockman saying ‘i was trying to stab someone in the back but i accidentaly stabbed their ass!’ and dark blues says ’ you could say you…assasinated him’ and they both laugh and rockman and blues have to supress a laugh because dammit that was a good one, even if they feel sorry for the other guy.

a “quick doodle” ended up taking me four days image



Does my style remind you of anyone else’s ???

I wanna know :oc



would it kill photoshop to just paste the thing i cut in the same location like. cmon. where else would i fucking want it half the time i do this to put it on a new layer if i didnt want it to be in the same location i would just MOVE THE SELECTION 


youre welcome






風で髪なびきアニメ下書き 風になびく旗や布、髪はこんな風にして丸にそって動かすといいそうです… on Twitpic

Wow, this makes folds and wind blown things a lot more clear!

Oh wow I was looking for something like this lately oAO

Oh Christ reblogging this for myself.


I forgot his shoulder things


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