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I take requests if I like them! vanilla + rabbit Programs: Easy Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop Elements 7
for now the side bar is by pixiv member:15063

bae i purchaed from arechiro

used the base over here!

you know what, i’ll just make two versions of it

he’s a little awkward, but I’m proud of the overall result!

who wants to lineart for me

fyi, I take requests if I like them!!

Question! What kind of stickers would you guys actually buy from me?

I’ve set up a redbubble!

sonic you don’t have to be such a dick and throw him around!



I started doing emofuri but some things aren’t working right so I decided I’ll fuck around on vacation in the car


by the way, buy the anthology if you can!! I’ve worked really hard on my piece, and I’m sure it’s the same for everyone else too!!

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